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We shop online. We work online. We play online. We live online. As our lives increasingly depend on digital services, the need to protect our information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really important.

Our cyber security online portal will help you to understand online security and start to protect your digital life, whether at home or work. You will learn how to recognise the threats that could harm you online and the steps you can take to reduce the chances that they will happen to you.

Cyber Crime is the largest crime in the UK. Maybe you or your suppliers have been directly attacked, maybe you are a Talk Talk customer, or a Netflix or a HSBC, Sony, the list goes on.

We are impacted by inconvenience, identity and money loss and the nagging concern of ‘what if’, companies are impacted by brand damage, costly losses and costly compensation. We need to fight this crime and two of the weapons we need are awareness and education.

“Humans are the weakest link in any security system” Kevin Mitnick- the most famous computer hacker of our time.

Via our cyber security online portal you can assess your current employee awareness and level of knowledge, and provide learning resources updated every 3 months in how to protect themselves and your company.

 Knowledge Check

We have designed the Cyber Security Knowledge Check, to help you calculate your risks, mitigate user-related breaches through behavioural change, and build a cyber resilient organisation. The Knowledge Check assesses each employee’s threat detection capabilities, automates a training needs analysis to address their knowledge gaps, and delivers precision-targeted training to improve key resiliency skills.

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Quick Tips

We’ve compiled a list of things your users should be thinking about whenever they’re using the Internet. They’ve probably heard many or all of these tips before, but repetition is the father of learning. They are the #1 target for cyber criminals and are just a tool to gain access to the data they want to steal or the systems they want to hijack. We update this information often, so please visit us regularly to stay one step ahead!

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