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Common security breaches made by employees
  • Falling victim of phishing attacks
  • Mishandling sensitive information
  • Lost devices that can be hacked
  • Working remotely over unsecure networks
  • Social engineering
  • Disclosing data to criminals
  • Accessing unsecure websites

Cyber Security extends far beyond network security, IT configuration or anti-virus software, and requires any employee who works in your digital business environment to be trained to spot threats and understand risks so they can adopt security-minded behaviour.

Attractive to hackers because of the sensitive information companies collect, there are daily instances of employees being targeted and clients defrauded, resulting in financial and reputational damage to both businesses and individuals

Cyber security assessment knowledge check

Building a cyber resilient Business

Businesses will increasingly need to demonstrate that they have robust, up-to-date cyber security protections in place. As with many ‘IT issues’, human error is in fact the most likely reason for failure resulting in a security breach. Cyber criminals target individuals who present the weakest link in your business, so the key to building cyber resiliency is to pinpoint your risks and provide precision-targeted Cyber Security training that safeguards your employees and protects your business.

Understand your skills gaps

Cyber Security Knowledge Check for businesses

Your Impact, in conjunction with ProfilerLIve, has developed the online Cyber Security Knowledge Check, designed to help you calculate your risks, mitigate user-related breaches through behavioural change, and build a cyber resilient organisation.
Accessed via a secure browser, the Knowledge Check assesses each employee’s threat detection capabilities, automates a training needs analysis to address their knowledge gaps, and delivers precision-targeted training to improve 4 key resiliency skills:

  • Encryption – including strongest password combinations and management.
  • Intrusion Detection – such as how to quickly identify and safely report spear-phishing attacks using personal social media data.
  • Protection Protocols – for collecting, saving, and storing the business’ information even when working remotely via a mobile device.
  • Risk Analysis – and how to detect threats, measure the impact to the business, and protect data and clients accordingly.

Influence behavioural change

Meaningful User Education

The Cyber Security Knowledge Check delivers meaningful user education that changes human behaviour and makes businesses more resilient, because training:

  • Is on demand and interactive – ensuring user participation that results in knowledge transfer and limits classroom time.
  • Produces an immediate threat detection scoring to pin-point individuals that need immediate intervention to reduce the business’ risk.
  • Delivers real-time, best practice feedback to individuals and pinpoints further learning to address every knowledge gap – however small.
  • Evolves and updates with the latest trends in attacks and criminal activity to embed a culture of cyber resiliency.
  • Educates employees about their responsibilities for protecting data, themselves, and the business.

Prove organisational resilience

Embed cyber security best practices

Your Impact will also help you embed cyber security best practices, no matter how large or geographically dispersed your business, with our scalable cloud-based solution that supports:

  • Targeted communications and training to maintain vigilance.
  • Regular checks/measurement of your employees’ capability to spot threats.
  • Tailored feedback to users on their individual threat detection scoring.
  • Relative and situational training content specific to gaps in user’s knowledge.
  • Statistical analysis of user behaviour and reports to prove organisational resilience.

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